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The Group will continue its commitment to society for the betterment of the community.

The Masoom Group is found in the year of 2004 with business interests ranging from General Stores, Travel Agency, and Nutrition Consultancy to Social services. Few, however, are aware that Masoom Group is a silent crusader in the field of community services in its own committed way.
As a step forward Group has launched its venture in Travel field in the name of “Travel Lounge” which was incorporated in the month March 2008 with a limited facilities and which has grown now into a best service provider and working as a dynamic Travel and Tour operator in Hyderabad which offers a wide spectrum of travel services includes corporate airline ticketing, worldwide hotel reservations, travel insurance, airport pick up and drop and check-in service, group travel, car rentals, rail bookings, cruises and independent and group tours to any part of the world.
Travel Lounge has over the years built a strong and extensive network of industry partners around the world. With this strong business relationship within the travel and tourism industry, it enjoys many benefits such as preferred rates and privileged services, which it extends to its clients. This valuable service is in line with our aspiration of maintaining high service standards to our discerning clients. The strategic global alliance that Travel Lounge has forged with uncompromising standard of service.
As a merge into the Group to give improvement touch Masoom Group has re-launched in the year Aug 2010 the existing nutrition consultancy which was found in the year of 2004 in the name of Nutri-Care and was in non-existing condition due to relocation of staff and management. It has been actively involved with a mission called “Experience the Excitement of Change” with the various services.
Besides the above, there is an ongoing plan of commitment to society in the name of M’s Foundation by way of sponsorships of various events which are organized by various bodies, help in Matrimonails and has also been responsible for providing certificates and bares the expenses of the children of the particular community and on particular subject only whose parents cannot effort to pay the fees in the city.
The Group’s commitment to the society is not restricted only to the city of Hyderabad, but outside of Andhra pradesh as well.
Founder of the Masoom Group

(Late) Mr. Mohd Moinuddin.
Board of Directors
Mrs. Mohd Moinuddin
Mr. Mateen Uddin
Mr. M.A.Moiz
Mrs. Abdul Moiz
Mr. M.A.Majeed
Mr. M.A.Mujeeb
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the real thing in life is
never ending path But
Dreamiest for the better…..
The Deepest secret of 
life is that all we are
doing is worth to it when
expectations get Increases.
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