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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as up coming Group with several products.
Travel Lounge:
As a step we have entered into the service industry and lunched a unit in the name of Travel Lounge, this unit deals with various services and offering Innovative Travel Solutions a broad spectrum of corporate consumer related services that includes, providing information, pricing, availability and booking facility for Air Travel, Hotels, Car rentals, Bus Tickets, Rail Tickets, Visas, Visit Visas, Visa Endorsments, Western Union, Money Gram, Xpress Money- Internatonal Money Transfers, Foreign Exchange, Tour Packages, Holidays & SIM Cards Etc,.
1. Travel Lounge
2. Travel Lounge Online
3. Travel Lounge
4. Airport Lounges
5. Travel Lounge
     Car Rentals
6. Travel Lounge
7. Travel Lounge
Its operations starts in 2007 with the world-class service in Hyderabad, India and has excellent track record of providing appreciable service to Government Officials and reputed companies with an efficient organizational setup and requisite infrastructure to provide world - class service and can provide all type of traveling solutions and so many other services across the Globe.
Some people get very stressed and anxious when they have to travel to a new place. Getting everything ready, getting to the place, and knowing what you are going to do there can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. As a result, with keeping in mind we have listed few ideas of what you can do to reduce the anxieties of traveling.
" It’s often said the air travel has made the world a smaller place. If recent reports are accurate, our planet is set to shrink further, with globe trotters spending even less time hopping between continents.
Nutri-Care deals with various services in Nutrition which includes, Diet management, Diet counseling, Diet Planning, and study the patient according to its conditions such as, Impact of gastric stimulation on the food intake, Individual’s food intake pattern, Effect of gastric stimulation on food intake among obese patients, study to Understand the dietary habits among the population, Study to co-relate nutrition with academic performance of children, Impact of supplementation on nutritional status of patients undergoing Haemodialysis, Effect of environmental changes on Glycemic control of patients with type-II diabetes mellitus, Dietary Habits among young adults in Male, External environmental changes (summer), effect on Glycemic control in type II DM patients- Management.
With the all above Nutri-Care is trying to bring the wellness of nutrition in all. It’s for the complete family where all areas of nutrition concerns are taken care to guide you and to help you with the best.
Looking forward to having a long association with you.
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